IMAP sent mail showing up with empty body

Anyone able to help with this? I have email functioning well in all ways except that for external IMAP accounts there is an issue whereby sent mail (which sends fine and is received completely and correctly) having been moved to the external account’s sent folder appears to have an empty body. This only happens with html emails.

If the send plain emails box is checked then everything is as it should be and the email goes out as plain text, but doing so means we cannot make use of any html signatures or templates, so something is obviously amiss.

I’ve searched high and low on the subject of blank/empty emails and while there are quite a few complaining about it, there have been no resolved issues that I can use to try and understand what is going on. Any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE: So it looks like the multipart boundary is wrong in the header of the emails in the sent folder. For some reason the boundary gets rewritten?


Same problem after upgrading to latest release (7.6.4) from release 7.3.1 (7.3.1 -> 7.4.3, then 7.4.3 -> 7.6.4).

Emails sent from email module or from invoice module for instance (invoice -> email pdf), are correctly received by recipient.
And emails seems to be correctly stored in suitecrm in the account or contact related emails.
They seems also to be correctly stored in email module in ‘My sent emails’.

But in the IMAP synchronized sent folder (in the email module), the sent email appears to be empty or corrupted.
Same thing of course on the external account side (sent folder).

Is this a regression of the latest releases?
If yes, is this issue referenced and is it planned to fix it for the next releases?

Thanks in advance for any reply.


Got the same issue. Are there any new insights?

After struggling for weeks I used a brute force method that worked for me:

  1. I went to the folder include/phpmailer and renaimed the following files:
    class.phpmailer.php to new.class.phpmailer.php
    class.smtp.php to new.class.smtp.php

(just to keep a copy)

  1. I uploaded the older versions in use before the new phpmailer was installed

Then emails started working immediately without anymore issues.

Obviously, since I don’t know all potential effects this may result in dangerous unwanted behaviour so, as usual a backup is recommended.

I am attaching the two files so that you don’t have to look for them


You saved me hours of work. Thanks you so much. I created an account just to thank you !

This other thread has another solution for this same issue:

It would be great to get this fixed upstream. Does anyone know if this was reported as an issue? I didn’t see it in my searching.