Imap Sent items sync clarification

Hi to all,
try to find this info somethere but not clear for me.

Email configuration can sync an imap account choosing also which folders to sync.

Regarding Sent items i don’t fully understand how the things works,

In Sent folder i can see sent documents already present but if i create any email from email module(SuiteCRM imap client) sent items are located under local MyEmails.

Is this a correct behavior or should i see also this email in my imap account sebt folder? Any way to accomplish this?

Thank you

Same issue for me.
As I use the smtp whole account, as I use my personal smtp account.
The map data are correct, but in sent folder I don’t found the email sent by suitecrm

Hi All
Also looking for a solution for this.
How can I get emails that I send through the SuiteCRM be copied/sync with my imap sent folder.

Hi there,

For me, this is a bug somewhere in the ‘new’ email module launched with releases 7.9.x and above.

I have some suitecrm instances upgraded to 7.9.x last year, that have the same issue, although the sent folders were correctly synced with the IMAP sent folder (when an email was sent from the CRM) before the upgrade.

As there were quite a lot of bugs with the email module for the 7.9.x, I have waited for the 7.10.x LTS release to upgrade my remaining instances.
And I have started to upgrade now, but this bug is still there.
For instance, I have just upgraded from a 7.7 to 7.10.5 (7.7 -> 7.8.19 -> 7.10.15), I had to recreate all the outbound email accounts in order to be able to send emails (I saw that some users had also this issues in the forum), and now, as for the 7.9.x, sent folders are not synced anymore with the smtp imap folder when email is sent from the CRM.

Could anyone have a look at this issue and/or redirect us to a workaround or something ?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Has anyone fixed this yet? Just spent a week building this for a client and just noticed this massive bug !!


Seems that 7.10.7 has more bugs than Brazil - how can anyone use this CRM if you cant keep a record of outgoing email - seriously how did this slip through and not be fixed yet…please someone tell me how to fix this otherwise I am in deep do do.

hi - did yo find a fix for this?

This has already been raised as an issue (that was closed and subsequently reopened)

Please update that thread so the devs know it’s actually quite a big issue.