IMAP not working for Office365 Exchange - log in or password incorrect

I am sure that the username and passwords are correct, but I keep getting this error when clicking SELECT inbox or trash box. Please Help!

Hi @JerryGT
Please have a look:-

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Good afternoon.
just to be clear, because I had same issue here.
The problem is related to Basic Authentication with Office365 (Exchange Online) and cannot be solved using app password, this works only for Google. App password still use basic authentication, and not Oauth 2, which is required from Microsoft starting from October 1st
I have customers that are using app password in Exchange Online, but the problem is still there.
I think the problem is in all IMAP wrapper used by SuiteCRM, cause is based on standard php IMAP library, that not provide Oauth.
One solution probably can be use a different library, such this ( but I think in this case a lot of code must be changed, because this library is not compatible with standard fucntion used at the moment for manage IMAP messages

Any other idea?

Some additional info…
Just to advise the customer about this change Microsoft, for some customer, are disabling basic Auth for a short time (12-48 hours) during this period. Now you can fix this manually, but from October 1st this doesn’t work anymore.

Here a couple of link about this:


Hi @vijay1992 . I just tried using app password for microsoft exchange. But it still shows login or password incorrect. Do you have an idea of why this happens? Thanks!

Does this mean that basic auth can still be used before October? But still, I tried with the app password and it doesn’t work…

Hy @JerryGT ,
if the problem is that Microsoft disabled Basic Auth for a while (12-48h) if you see the second link I posted yesterday you should have info on how to enable it again.
I suppose this can be done within October 1st.

Thanks, it worked! Very much appreciated

whats your plan on how to use exchange after oct 1

Hi @mrrosenthal
personally the only quick (not so quick, I spent some time to understand how it works …) solution I found is this email proxy.

Anyway I think that SuiteCRM should solve this big issue, In the future I guess that the main vendor should go for OAuth and no more use simple authentication


Hi @M4tDR

I am trying to configure email proxy for outlook 365. May i know what is the redirect uri that you set?

Thanks and appreciate

This issue might be solved in this PR:

which is in the newly-released 7.13.0 Beta.

Hi @pgr

Thanks for your update. I do aware of that. I am waiting for the production release before we get into the test as there are a lot customization done on our instance.

Also, I am concerning that our use case and customization might be different from what this fixes had provided so am looking for alternative if there are any other options.

I am also facing issue , i have configured outlook office and also create external auth connection and External auth provider. When i authenticate , it give me access token & refresh token etc. After that I created Inbound group account through External auth and checked the connection give me error “IMAP open error: Can not authenticate to IMAP server: Empty password”

Hello, I have exactly the same issue : SuiteCRM8 inbound email account OAuth fails

Is there a fix for this ? I’m stuck on this and maybe someone gave a solution for this issue ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Anyone knows how to make it work, from 1st oct 23 , it completely stopped working.

Fortunately, I have succeed on my side.
Check the posts I gave in my last answer, PStevens and PGR lead me to the right direction :slight_smile:

If needed, I can copy paste all I did (I kept a trace to be sure to be able to reproduce it later if needed !)

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Are you able to fix it? please advise