IMAP Module Email Errors on a Shared Hosting Provider

Hello I have been trying to get the email functions working on the SuiteCRM platform however I keep running into issues.

[b]1. IMAP Module Not found: InboundEmail and Campaigns (Email) require the IMAP libraries. Neither will be functionalb]

2. suitecrm Test SettingsInbound Email cannot function without the IMAP c-client libraries enabled/compiled with the PHP module. Please contact your administrator to resolve this issue.

I am running SuiteCRM on
System Environment: PHP Version 5.3.24

I have uploaded a phpinfo file to the server and a php5.ini file and removed the ; from the execution line. However I am still not able to use the email functions. We are working with Gmail Servers for the Emails and I have turned on IMAP and POP3 for the account.

When I contact the hosting account they state that the platform needs either a VPS or Cpanel Hosting. They also state that they cannot do anything about the email since the hosting only has default form emails. So there is no real hope there.

Can anyone suggest what I can do from either the file server side or FTP or even a different email provider to correct this issue?

you need to either enable or install the php-imap plugin on your server, it’s not going to function with that regardless of what email provider you use

if the php-imap plugin is installed on the server it may be as simple as adding ‘’ to your php.ini

THANK YOU for your quick reply!

How would I add the php-imap plugin on the server? Is there a copy of the php-imap that I can upload or a location that will direct me on creating my own?

If it is in the hosting server access, I am unsure that they will activate the plugin. However I will also try contacting them if there is not another option available.

Thank you for your help.

I added … ‘’ to the end of my php.ini file and that worked for me (no single quotes). Thanks, Matt!

PMnP, To answer your question on how to add the plugin to the server if it is not already there. This depends on the server, but an Ubuntu or Debian box you would use the following at the command line…

sudo apt-get install php5-imap

On a Red Hat or CentOs box the command would be…

sudo yum install php-imap


I hope this helps!