IMAP errors when creating Case form inbound email

Hello all

SuiteCRM : v7.11.12
PHP : v7.3.11

  1. I’ve set up a new group email account in Inbound Email for, IMAP, 993, SSL
    The Test Settings is successful and so is the Select of the various folders.
    I select Create Case from Email
  2. I’ve set up cron and using the default Scheduler to check for new email
    All works well and I receive a new email record in the Email module

However, no new Case record is being generated.
I get these suitecrm.log errors

Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][DEBUG] Hook called: InboundEmail::after_retrieve
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][WARN] Request ssl value not found.
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][WARN] Requested folder is not defined
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][ERROR] ImapHandler trying to use a non valid resource stream.
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][ERROR] ImapHandler trying to use a non valid resource stream.
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][INFO] Connected to mail server id: f04cb6…
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][DEBUG] Trying to connect to mailserver for [ Support ]
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][DEBUG] Connected to mailserver
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][WARN] An Imap error detected: “IMAP search error”
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][DEBUG] -----> getNewMessageIds() got 1 new Messages
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][WARN] An Imap error detected: “IMAP expunge error”
Wed Jul 22 00:20:01 2020 [11343][1][INFO] Resolving job 4b45c7a0-f573-93aa-07f9-5f17e8cc8034 as success:

Any ideas as to how I can resolve this?
Thanks so much

As a matter of interest, how does

Which one should I use? Both cause the same error though!

To be very honest… I’m getting tired of all the bugs in SuiteCRM

Please report bugs:

…(in issues)
, and make sure that the bug reports are decent: (one of my favourite links)

…and yes there are a lot of outstanding bugs (924 as at today!)

In any complicated piece of software there will always be problems and feedback/bug reports are needed to fix them. Remember that we get access to all the code and if we want the code to improve, then we all need to contribute back to the community. (I’ve used suiteCRM since about 2016, and am actually taking a few days holiday in order to specifically try and contribute back to this software).

A perfect JFK misquote may be for any open source piece of software:
“Ask not what yoursoftware can do for you (It’s already documented on the FAQs page)– ask what you can do for your software to make it better, - bug reports/patches are awesome!”

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grep -inr pollMonitoredInboxes gives:
httpdocs/modules/InboundEmail/InboundEmail.php:166: public $job_name = ‘function::pollMonitoredInboxes’;
httpdocs/modules/InboundEmail/AOPInboundEmail.php:29: public $job_name = ‘function::pollMonitoredInboxesAOP’;

class AOPInboundEmail extends InboundEmail
Therefore it changes/adds some functionality to InboundEmail

Addtional/overidden functions include:
public function processImageLinks($string, $noteIds)
public function handleCreateCase(Email $email, $userId) - This is the biggy.

So primarily a different approach to creating an email.

The delights of open source :grinning:

Dealing with the original comment, I came across some useful links for this:

implies that this is common code inherited from sugarCRM. It gives you information about each of those messages, and implies that you don’t actually need to worry about them. In most cases they are part of the normal non-reliability of the internet that is hidden from most people’s view.

The only true error reported:
“ImapHandler trying to use a non valid resource stream”
is due to initial connection issues, where your system tried to connect twice and failed, and then succeeded on the third attempt.

With respect to understanding the ‘expunge’ or final deletion of an email, then this article will help you understand better:

You are seeing the various additional messages because you have lowered your logging threshold to debug. Obviously if you put it back to error, then these will go away.

As an aside, not all of the bugs are directly suiteCRM related. php-IMAP as a library has a really badly maintained dependency :sob: …and look at all the bugs that get addressed every month on Microsoft Windows