IMAP email integration issues

I’ve been using SugarCRM for a few months now and just upgraded to SuiteCRM. I’ve never been really satisfied about IMAP email integration and the way Sugar imports email, or I’ve never managed to set it up properly. It looks like SuiteCRM hasn’t changed much regarding IMAP email integration.

In my current setup my users all use IMAP email and I’ve setup the IMAP email for all users in Sugar/Suite. I want my users be able to send emails through Sugar by going to the Contact and selecting the email address and send the email. This part works fine and the History list for the Company/Contact shows an email had been sent to the Contact, and the Contact’s name is shown in the contact field too.

However, I’ve issues with the inbound email and these emails showing up in the History list. First, the only way to automatically import emails into Sugar is by setting up a Group email account. So I’ve done that, however all the emails that are being imported don’t show the Contact’s name in the contact field of the history list (even though the used email address is the same as stored for the Contact in Sugar).

Another issue I have is that only unread emails are imported automatically, which is an issue as I’ve had a few times that emails were not imported as the user had read the email before the scheduler executed the email import task…

Any suggestions for a better way of integrating emails in Sugar/Suite? Or if there’s a plugin (free or paid) available that can deal with emails in better way that would be great to hear of too!

Hi there,

You would need to customise the emails module to resolve your issues.

Alternatively, you could download our SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin.