IMAP Email Account Issue

Hi there, having an issue with first setup of email with IMAP account, it all works other than it will only import the first 500 emails, I have 2000 emails and it just stops bang on 500 every time

Hey there,

Are you still having issues with this?

hmmm, 500 is quite an oddly specific number

Have you checked either the PHP error log or the SuiteCRM error log?
Does anything of note appear here, surrounding IMAP/Emails?

Also, which Email provider are you with?
It very well might be a configuration setting on their side, which limits this, as some Providers will throttle IMAP/SMTP requests after a certain number

Hey John,

Thank you for responding.

Sorry I really should have updated this thread, it is now solved, but was really strange, I looked at the logs and there was an error showing against one email, cant remember specifically what the error was, but incredibly the email was number 500 in the import. I deleted that email from my email client (thunderbird) and run the import/mailbox setup and it worked fine.

Although I don’t why that email was a problem deleting it worked, hope it helps others, again thank you for responding

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No worries!

Thanks for letting us know the resolution
Hopefully it’ll help if someone comes across a similar issue in the future!