Images into PDF

Hi, does anyone install an image know how to install an image into an invoice.

I created and invoice in PDF template, and here is the default image

I would love to know what URL I put to get my only company logo in there instead. I did it in the demo before I downloaded suite CRM , but am unable to change the logo on the version 7.3 I have running on localhost on my laptop.

I thought I could do this

by just changing ezebooklogo.jpg instead of /company_logo.png

but did not work… I had placed ezebooklogo.jpg into the themes/default/images/ezebooklogo.jpg

Any help appreciated -cheers. .Marty

Ok, sooo… I tried drag and drop instead…image in its place I deleted the deafault logo in the pdf edit function, then literally dragged and dropped an image in its place and then Voila ! Works beautifully…

Welp, you need some full pdf editor in order to paste an image to a file with adequate scaling. Back to the very beginning of me figuring things out with Suite I saw some plugin for this, but I can’t remember its name, unfortunately. You may consider doing so via third-tier editors. I use this one e.g. you may try either or Acrobat if you have a licence already. There you’ll be able to drop the picture and scale it as you wish


I need help, because I have broken imaged after I created pdf. I tried to drag and drop too. How can I deal with those? I’ve just installed SuiteCRM 7.11.2 Thanks.


you can use Absolute PATH for images inside PDF editor, then they will show up in the generated PDF.

I’m trying something similar. I’m trying to get a picture of each line item on an invoice. Does the picture need to be uploaded to my hosted site or does the system do the import when choosing the file then saving product?