Images in Cases and KB-articles


iam currently testing and evaluating SuiteCRM to see if its a good option for our company.

But i’am failing on one basic thing, i cant add a image to a case description or a KB-article. How do i do that?

When i paste an image in the Case Description, i cant see it in the preview, and when i check the HTML-formated view. But directly when i press “Save”, its gone.

I can add images to my profile picture for example, thats works just fine. But not in articles or cases.
Should it be possible to add images?

Best Regards

Hi and welcome!
you can add a new field to these modules (type: Image)

then you can place the field in all views, including the ListView/DetailView:

Ah, ok, thanks!

But its not possible to add the image with the text itself in the description field?

I don’t think so, at least not out of the box without further customizing. But maybe I’m missing something and someone else has additional ideas.

Was thinking about this in the combination with the “outlook” plugin.

If it was possible to track emails to a case, and get any images in the mail visible within SuiteCRM ?
If any images in emails (HTML-formatted) is deleted in SuiteCRM.

(We would like to use it for our support, and we get all our cases as emails in outlook. Then create a case and then track it in SuiteCRM, with all images “inline” in the text with the case.)

Case module uses TinyMCE for rich text editing which should allow for image links to be saved with the the HTML (though I fear it’s all a bit flaky in the current state, plenty of bugs).

But saving an image link involves the additional problem of storing the image and making it accessible at the right time. Your problem might be there.

You can try figuring out if the Cases module…

  1. … can correctly display an image that is publicly available online
  2. … can display an image that is in the upload folder in your SuiteCRM server (which should be only accessible to logged in users via the download entrypoint)

If you can check how it saves the image URL I can try investigating a bit more.