Image module/ field

Is there a free version of a gallery module like the commercial photo module ? Or another way to deal with images ?
I can’t find the image field that is mentioned in

Purpose is to upload multiple images and attach them to a module (and show them gallery wise in a subpanel)

Hi Geert,

As stated in your case, this is specific to AOS and is not a standard field in SuiteCRM but there is a module that can do this in our extensions directory.



Thanks Will. On first sight this module doesn’t exactly do what I want… I want to have the possibility to bulk upload images and show them with thumbs in the subpanel. This can be related to a (custom) module.

If there’s no possibility for image field in the existing system, I guess I need to post this as a project on

If anyone knows about integrations between existing gallery software and sugar/suitecrm… Let me know.