Image Gallery / Library Plugin?

Hey team,

I am trying to replicate a Image Gallery / Library feature I had in Salesforce which I am lost where to find it in SuiteCRM / SugarCRM

I am looking to be able to upload/resize images against products in preparation for publishing the products to a website
So far I have only been able to find single file fields and really expensive plugins.

Has there been any community plugins created and shared?
I found this one, but $400 USD is excessive


There are attachments you can add to any record, see the “Notes” module.

Then, in Studio, you can add Photo fields to any record.

This isn’t strictly a full blown Gallery, but it will let you use images and relate them to records in SuiteCRM.

I created this “gallery” in the notes. Is there a way to then view images? Now I see them only in preview and I have to download them and then enlarge them.
Thanks Massimo

Use Photo fields for that. Go to Studio and add the field, then add it to the views.