Image field error - Suitecrm 7.2.1

Using suiteCRM 7.2.1 / sugar 6.5.20 (build 1001).
Created a new moduie and added an “image” field. I can successfully upload images and they
are accurately stored in the upload directory (filename is changed to a guid). The record is stored
in the module database table correctly.

However, when I try to load the image, the download.php code is trying to load from a non-existent
database table _cstm

Any ideas???

Can you please give more information on this ? I created a image field and kept on both the views, it worked flawless.

This sounds like a bug,

When the image field is created in module builder it would be saved in the main table and not the cstm table. so its looking for the field in the cstm table which it clearly aint in.

That’s right. So, in order to reproduce this behavior, there must be no “custom” fields added in Studio.
I created the module in module builder, with an image field. After deploying the module I get the error.
Adding the field from Studio does not cause an error.