I'm trying to make the relationship of Calls With Leads

Hello there,
I am trying to establish the relationship mentioned in the title via the database.
I am inserting data into the calls_leads table of the respective call id and lead id but the relationship is not created.

Hey there,

Have you found a solution for this?

I’d expect the item to show up in the Subpanel, if both the “lead_id” and “call_id” values match the record IDs

So, if I grab my Lead’s ID:

And a Call’s ID:

And create this as a new row in the “calls_leads” table:

It then appears in Leads->Activities:

Is this not what happens for yourself?

It would be worth ensuring that the “call_id” and “lead_id” match the Record ID exactly
(Including any capitalisation)

I see your “call_id” values don’t match the regular CRM generated IDs
Are these records that have been manually added to the DB too?

It would also be worth checking the Calls->parent_id field, as this is another avenue for relationship between Calls<->Leads

One thing to note is that, creating the Relationship manually in the “calls_leads” table isn’t ideal, as the CRM creates records in a few locations when adding the relationship
(Depending on the relationship itself)

ie, If I add this relationship via the CRM, it also appears to add items to:

calls (parent_id field)