Ignore fastcgi.logging possible

When installing SuiteCRM on a shared server I get following message:


For optimal experience using IIS/FastCGI sapi, set fastcgi.logging to 0 in your php.ini file.

Installation stops.
As I’m on a sherd server I can not change the php.ini file.
Is there anyway to ignore this message and go on maybe by editing some of the installation files?

Can you share some of the characteristics of your server?

Normally there are ways to use php.ini files, even in shared hostings. Sometimes they are limited, sometimes you write your own php.ini file at the root of your area and the hosting picks it up and includes it.

Ask your hosting about it.

Also, check if you have something install.log indicating what went wrong.

Thank you, my hosting provider does not allow editing the PHP.INI file, so I ended up removing the fastCGI check from the install file and now I got it running.
No negative effects solar, but I just started.

I have the exact same issue, is there a way to resolve this?

How exactly did you do that?