ifThenElse in workflow with text values

I am creating a workflow that depending of the value of drop down field the new calculated field take a number. The drop down table has the followng values alto, medio and bajo
I created the following formula, but it isnot working. All seam that the field is not storaged with the visible value ej. alto. I did some test moving this value to a text variable but the result is the same. formula is not working.

my crm is in spanish but Impacto has values alto, medio and bajo
SLA is an integer
the rule is: if impacto = alto then SLA = 4 else SLA = 8

is there any mistake in this formula?

Simple workaround: create two Workflows, one has a condition (at the Workflow level, not calculated fields level) testing for “alto” and setting one SLA, the other handles the rest of the cases.

About the current situation, my guess is like you wrote

It is probably using the item_name instead of the display label. Check it in Admin / Dropdown Editor. If not, it’s possible it is using some internal ID instead, if you can look at your table in the database you can maybe find out.

The DataBase has this values for z_impacto_c

while the ifThenElse condition is asking for the same value, the result is false

I am not able to change the item_name only P0 is the option or what do you mean ( It is probably using the item_name instead of the display), I am wondering if because the field is varchar (100) the value to be compared needs to have 100 caracters of long. don’t have sense for my, but someting is wrong.

doing several workflows is not practical becase I have 9 condition to define the value of teh SLA that depend of two variables, Impact and priority. I did the same exersise with “priority” that is standard drow down but the behavior is the same never apply true in the condition.

I did the same exercise using one integer variable and the ifThenElse is working well. I think that the issue is how the system is managing aphanumeric variables because teh database has format utf8_general_ci but maybe the PHP is using other character format. but I don’t knwo where I can see thsi information in the PHP code.

This is the PR when that code was added:

It’s quite a lot of stuff, but what you’re looking for is surely in there…

About the Workflow condition I was suggesting, that is on top, before starting the Actions, you should be able to limit the workflow to only run for Impacto=“Alto”