IFrame Content is not Loading in Detail View

Hi Awesome SuiteCRM Community,

I want to embed a Google Maps Embed IFrame URL in one of my custom modules. I followed
iframe field how-to - embed externale web page with context

Now when I try to access the Detail View Embed Map doesn’t loads and I can see the URL that I gave. PFA screenshot.

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Hi, same problem too. Do you discover how to fix this? I search and the declaration in the metadata was correct. I try into a custom module, normal module and also expanded and not expanded. The same result always…

I think the problem is in how SuiteCRM (or angular) interprets these parameters, but I don’t know…

It is quite possible that iframe fields simply are not ready for v8. I don’t think the code was adapted yet.

I for the iframes to work by making the detailview into a classic legacy view

Hi, can you plz give specific detail on how to do this?

Never mind, found it:

Classic view route configuration

As mentioned this is configuration driven. Check the configs in config/services/module/module_routing.yaml, the entries that are set to false, will use the classic view (legacy).

Also, any view that is not implemented yet on angular side will default to this classic view.

From an UI perspective you’ll notice some slight differences on the styling/features ( button position, etc)