IE 11 Compatibility?

SuiteCRM 7.1.1 and the menu drop downs don’t play well with IE 9. Upgraded a few browsers to IE 11 and now get this error on the login screen:

Warning: Your browser version is no longer supported or you are using an unsupported browser.
The following browser versions are recommended:
Internet Explorer 10 (compatibility view not supported)
Firefox 24.0
Safari 5.1
Chrome 29

Doesn’t appear to cause any issues, but can someone confirm it works on IE 11 and if so, how do we get rid of the “unsupported browser” warning?

You get the unsupported browser message because SuiteCRM does not support IE11.

You should run IE11 in compatability mode.

And write to Microsoft and ask them to produce better browsers.

Compatibility mode doesn’t work for subdomains……and since SuiteCRM doesn’t work on IE9 (menus don’t appear) i doubt compatibility mode would work anyway.

While I agree IE sucks, in a corporate environment we must standardize on Microsoft products to ensure maximum uptime, availability, and management.

Surprising a recent release doesn’t support the current browsers deployed at the time.

IE11 is meant to be the most standards-compliant browser that M$ have produced… (or perhaps the last standard non-compliant :slight_smile: )

IE 11 is not officially supported, but as far I am aware it will work as well as it does in IE10, the only issue is it will display it is not compatible on the login screen,

Compatibility mode is not recommended or supported