Ideal server specs for Suite heavy usage.

We currently have a database with approx. 8GB data size.

Our Leads module has over 200k records so other modules have numerous records as well. Currently, we have been experiencing a lot of slow response time from our server. We also use click to call plugins and this mainly goes through WebSocket.

50-100 users are active in the system at a time.

Our server is managed by a load balancer but the individual servers in the load balancer are subpar servers.

The specs of our server are for a desktop computer (i5-2nd gen, 16GB RAM).

The database is running using Intel Xeon but it’s an old generation.

We would like to have a better server but before we can have one I would like to ask first what is the ideal server for Suite so that we can present this to the higher-ups.


It looks like a very interesting setup. At SalesAgility we have quite some experience with large installations, so we should be able to help you out. Could you contact me at, so that you can share us some more details, and so that we can help you better?


Wondering the same thing, can someone share ideal server specs?

thank you

That’s not a straight-forward answer to give. It depends on usage, budget, existing hardware and architecture, etc…

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I got some useful info from your blog actually, I’ll try that VM route

It’s for moderate use, the budget is about 300$ per month

Also considering Heroku