.ics attachment for phone calls

When adding a new phone call to the calendar via “Log Call”, is it possible to have an .ics attachment included in the email that is sent to the invites when “Save & Send Invites” is clicked? The attachment is included when scheduling a meeting, so I’m thinking it must be possible…

Would be a great addition as we often book phone calls in advance but to get the .ics attachment, we need to schedule them as a meeting instead.


Hi, you can have the attachment same as meeting attachment in call reminder by making some code changes,

in file modules/Meetings/Meeting.php
copy function create_notification_email and also place in modules/calls/call.php
Replace attachment name meeting.ics to call.ics inside the function

Its working fine for me.

This definitly works, but my problem is: I want to add the duration of the call in the text of the mail, any ideas?

And the attached .ics file has no call duration as well, the start- and enddate of the attached .ics is both the startdate so duration when adding the appointment to my calender via .ics is 0 mins.

Does anyone have an idea?