Icons in SuiteP dawn - corrupted?


I can’t be sure of when it started, but the icons in SutieP Dawn Style are no longer showing correctly. Here is the day style showing the favourite icon (correctly)…

But this is how the dawn style appears…

I also have developed problems with the ‘recently viewed’ icons in the sidebar … here is the day style (showing correctly)

But here they are in dawn style…

I’ve deleted the main themes folder completely and replaced it with a new downloaded version, and also deleted custom/themes… but the problem persists. I also did a repair and deleted the cache folder, with no luck.

I can only assume the problem arose when upgrading to 7.12.2 - does anyone else have this problem?
How do i go about resetting the suiteP Dawn style completely?


my bad - i must have edited the css file or something…and not understanding Sass - because i managed to get things back in order - i think file caching was hindering me as well.

I still need to find out how to apply icons to custom modules (which was the original task)…

however i’ll post separately

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I too have the same problem, I had opened the following post
If I change theme the problem of wrong icons remains.
How did you solve it?


I’m not 100% sure, but i think i had customised some css, and this was causing the issue.

I removed the custom/themes/SuiteP folder and replaced it with a fresh version from github, and ran a repair, and emptied the cache folder.

At first this didn’t work, but i think that was down to the browser cache, because with repeated attempts and reloading the icons showed correctly.

Thanks Bungle, with your suggestion I solved it… I had tried over and over again to overwrite the themes/SuiteP folder but in reality the problem was in custom/themes/SuiteP, where I was carrying around an old version of themes/SuiteP as well as my changes in /custom/themes/SuiteP/tpls.
I deleted the unnecessary files and everything was fine.