I want to integrate IVR CALL API with Suite CRM

I want to integrate an IVR CALL API with Suite CRM. Can anyone help me, how to integrate API in Suite CRM in admin panel. I am not getting it where to integrate in the panel.

if you want to connect two different systems, look first for ready-to-use addons from the store, it can save you quite some time.

If you cannot find anything, you can start creating your own synchronization, but you’ll have to create the needed requests yourself and you need to trigger them at the right time (so you need some php skills).

In terms of SuiteCRM, you can start using logic hooks (e.g. after-save hooks) to submit new/changed data to “IVR”, and within “IVR”, you can call SuiteCRM’s endpoints.

more about logic hooks:

more about Suites API: