I want to autopopulate my opportunity module fields in subpanel contracts module how can i do that

i have vehicle details in my opportunity module. Opportunity and Contracts module have a relationship when i quick create contracts then i want vehicle details field automatically populate in contract module

You can try doing that with a Workflow.

Or if you prefer a solution with code, Google for “after-save logic hook”.

I don’t know the exact details, you’ll have to search and try.

what is code of logic hook
i tried following code

<?php if (!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) { die('Not A Valid Entry Point'); } class AutoPopulateFields { function AutoPopulateFieldsLogicHooks(&$bean, $event, $arguments) { if (!empty($bean->id) && empty($bean->fetched_row)) { $GLOBALS['log']->info('AutoPopulateFields Logic Hook START'); //here we are going to verify fields $sPrefix = $registration_no_c; $sZeroPaddingString = '%05d'; $code = 'custom_' . $catagory; //get settings from config table $oConfig = new Administration(); $config = $oConfig->retrieveSettings('custom'); if (!array_key_exists($code, $config->settings)) { //if no settings are saved then insert empty settings $oConfig->saveSetting('custom', $catagory, 0); //initiate counter $sSettings = 0; } else { //if settings exist fetch them $sSettings = (!empty($config->settings[$code])) ? $config->settings[$code] : 0; } $sSettings++; $oConfig->saveSetting('custom', $catagory, $sSettings); $iCounter = sprintf($sZeroPaddingString, ($sSettings)); //here autopopulate $bean->registration_no_c = $sPrefix; $GLOBALS['log']->info('Autogenerate Logic Hook END'); } } }