I ran "rebuild .htaccess" on SuiteOnDemand instance, now api endpoints are not accessible

Hello, while trying to get some API stuff working, I managed to break things more.

I ran a “rebuild .htaccess” operation from the Administration page, and now all of the API endpoints are not accessible.

Can someone please check our instance and reset the .htaccess file? The subdomain is fanaticallabs.


Hi Chad,

If you’re using 7.11.8 there’s an htaccess fix that needs to be applied https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/pull/7762/files but I personally don’t have access to that on the SuiteOnDemand platform.

For SuiteOnDemand the best thing is to login to the Portal, and contact support directly. Thanks.

Thanks for the tip. I reached out to someone on the team who can hopefully help.