I plan to use Wordpress for CMS and SuiteCRM for CRM - opinions? experience?

I’ve used SuiteCRM before and liked it.

I’ve dabbled with Wordpress but i didn’t need it for myself.

Now I see a business opportunity to help businesses set up their websites to use Wordpress for their frontend - the CMS - and SuiteCRM for CRM.

I’m the guinea pig for this idea.

I’ve setup a new domain at a new hosting provider that has Wordpress packages.

They’ve no experience with SuiteCRM.

I plan to have separate mysql databases for wordpress and suitecrm.

I’ve got Wordpress installed in public_html now.

I’m wondering where to put suitcrm’s files.

Put them in a subfolder under public_html? potential problem when wordpress’s files are updated

or setup a subdomain and put suitecrm’s files there? - keep them away from wordpress’s files

feedback, opinions and experiences appreciated


I personally think that it would be a slightly better solution to put your Wordpress into one sever and SuiteCRM into a different server?

As if you have any problem on a server, the other won’t be impacted. :slight_smile:

It does not imply not to use a subdomain as well, you can clearly target a subdomain toward a different server !

Keeping both separate would be the best option.
First advantage is security. if one is compromised, the other can still work.
secondly, website visitors loads will not affect CRM.

how many times have you set up wordpress and suitecrm on the same domain?

i have at least 5 installations that run WP on Front end and CRM on subdomains. Subdomain run on separate server instance.

let me see if i understand what you wrote -

you have wp in public_html of domain: example.com

you have suitecrm in subdomain: crm.example.com

and you have separate databases/admin users for each

and you have all public_htmls on one server

and you have all suitecrm subdomains on another separate server

when you have a wp landing page/contact form there is not a problem feeding that contact info into suitecrm on its subdomain: crm.example.com?

has there been any problems setting up other wp-suitecrm interactions when the need arose?

Pushing Contact from the FORM is not an issue. Just a simple hook in functions to push to CRM entryPoint and there handle what has been posted.

thx for your advice

here’s my plan:

wp in public_html - already done

suitecrm in a subdomain

wp and suitecrm each have:

  1. their own mysql database
  2. their own separate admin user
  3. their own separate db users

however they will be on the same shared server

i will use cron jobs to dump each database

then scheduled tasks to pull the database backups from my host to my personal machine