I need to clone the email field in the account module

A cordial greeting! In the accounts module there is the email field which has a button to add more emails, I want to clone them to save phone numbers (That the add new phone number button appears)

Thank you very much for your help


I don’t believe it’s possible to add dynamic fields that, (similar to Emails), out of the box

I’ve had a look around and found some packages that appear to provide similar functionality to non-email fields:

This package on the Suite Store:

Or, alternatively, a package that a user has provided:

(installed via Admin->Module Loader)

Do either of the above give what's needed?

It’s repair the standard for Suite/Sugar field of type ‘collection’ and you can have any blocks of duplicate fields in any modules.
But it’s don’t support in Studio now.
He is package which loading through Update Wizard.
upgrade_bugfix_collection.zip (28.5 KB)
Here is example of using:

Isn’t that meat to be loaded through Module Loader instead?

No, because it isn’t module. Its update for broken system files. Now you can look at direcotory ‘include/SugarFields/Fields/Collection’ in your system. It’s type of field present in system code but does not work.
A year ago I offered to include it into system code.
I have decision for multi file loading based on this logic.

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