I need some help to build my reports and charts

Hey All…
This is my first time i am using suiteCRM forum for some help…
let me give some introduction about my self
I am working on the suiteCRM for my business… i have over millions contacts record in my CRM.

I need some little help for my CRM
i have to create a report for my sales funnel that can help my agents to have there work in one chart.

What i want to do is i wana create a chart according to my sales funnel… .

I need someone to help me creating that report



image 1
Homepage Dashlet

Within Suite CRM homepage you can “add dashlets”

Click on the Charts tab and add

  • Pipeline by Sales Stage
  • MY Pipeline by Sales Stage

If you would prefer a Report & Chart

As a simple start

image 2 - fields = ID and status

Image 3 = conditions = the status you want to see in the chart (i.e open sales or closed sales)

image 4 = chart rules

image 5 = chart result

Hope this helps

Thanks Taufique Ahmed for your help and support… this help me so much to understand my reports module…


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