I need help. Workflow to send email...

Hi all,

I am a non-technical project manager who joined a small company and promptly was slated to create their CRM with the 1 guy who made up the entire IT department. We created the CRM in Suite and then he left. I understand conceptually what I’m doing but can’t get it to work.

I created a Task module. All I want it to do is have an email sent to the assigned user when a task is assigned to them. This is what I put in workflow:

Field=Assigned To
Operator=Equal To
Value= I also tried to point this to “people”

Action=Send Email
To: Email
Email Template:

What am I doing wrong??? I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot of workflows and I can’t get this simple one to work.

Thanks for any help!



I think assignment emails go out automatically, no need for a workflow. But maybe there is an option somewhere to turn that on… I don’t know.

Then, if you really need a workflow, you have to check if your Scheduler Jobs are running, or else nothing will work. Go into Admin / Schedulers and check the “last run time” of each job that looks relevant, and whether it terminated with errors.

Thanks, that helped! So it looks like something is screwed up in the email settings. It’s set up to send notifications to the “Assigned to” person so I went to check the email setting and I can’t get a test email to send out. I may be back asking for help getting that all sorted out. Grrrrr.

I don’t know what version you’re running, but if it’s 7.9.x I advise you to wait for 7.9.3 (scheduled to come out Monday) before attempting Email configuration. There are some bugs that make that process a bit flaky, you could be wasting your time fighting your configuration options only to discover it wasn’t working because of a known and fixed bug.

Oh, I’m on 7.2.2…the guy who set it up kept running into something buggy so we reverted back to an old version he had used. Got rid of that one bug… :blink:

That’s 19 releases ago, over 2 years old software. There have been literally hundreds of bug fixes, new features, and quite a lot of critical security fixes…

So you should probably be considering a strategy for a safe upgrade (meaning: one where you do backups, test first, and have a way back to the old system if necessary)

That puts a pit in my stomach. We’ve only been live for 3 months. From what I understand we were using Sugar before.

I’ll probably need to seek some advice before I update. I’m really very much non-technical. I’m smart enough to figure stuff out but also smart enough to know when I’m out of my depth. I’m out of my depth. I knew we were using an older version, I just assumed we were just one or two versions behind. 19. Wow.

I should add, my strength is in software testing and then I speak just enough IT to have the people who know what they are doing fix it. Right now I am migrating our office to SharePoint. Out. Of. My. Depth.

Ouch. Sharepoint. Who isn’t out of his/her depth with Sharepoint? Works when it works. Impossible when it doesn’t. :slight_smile: And when you need help it seems there’s no-one around…

About SuiteCRM, if you have a bit of money to spend you can find people to help you here in these forums or on sites like Upwork. If you don’t… well then that’s harder - but still possible.

Some set-ups and architectures really let you experiment more, and take risks in a different way. For example, if you can get a clone of your system on a test machine, the whole prospect of trying a big upgrade feels very different.