"I" - Help Text next to fields

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I have been asked by a client to add the “i” into custom fields to explain what data is relevant for the fields

In studio there is “Help Text & Comment Text” but these only seem to be relevant to studio?

Am I missing something that is already available in SuiteCRM?

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Documentation found in https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Versions/6.5/CE/Administration_Guide/Developer_Tools/#Studio

Basically, in studio you have the “help” box that serves as the “i” that you want, users need to put their cursos over the filed to view this information.

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Hi there
Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

I have just tested this and no “i” appears near the field for an admin user, this only stays inside studio?

To confirm, I would like “Regular Users” to be able to see the “i” and help text when they are creating & editing records

Thanks again

i see the “hover over”


Where is the “hover over” option?

I have managed to create an ‘i’ for a field in detail view by adding to vardefs :eg. $dictionary[‘AOS_Quotes’][‘fields’][‘description’][‘popupHelp’]=‘Enter…asdf… etc’;

But i have to click the ‘i’ - can i implement a tool-tip type feature with a “hover over” option?

‘Help text’ and ‘comment text’ only seem to have any use in studio for me.

thank you

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Hi Taufique.

I just figured out how to disable the admin check for this functionality

you need to edit <Suite_DIR>/modules/Users/UserViewHelper.php

go to line 527
you will find

        if($this->is_current_admin || $controller->get_users_can_edit()) {
            $chooser->display_hide_tabs = true;
        } else {
            $chooser->display_hide_tabs = false;

replace this with

$chooser->display_hide_tabs = true;
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