I have added an signature field and it users

I have added an signature field in users when i upload the image and i call it in the pdf template it shows me an x symbol why is that ?

I did try to change to the image format that did not workout as well.
can someone please help.

What version of suite are you on?

I am currently working in suitecrm Version 7.11.18.

OK I remember this now - The image thing is to do with relative and absolute pathing and the way the PDF template is generated just doesn’t work - or rather i didn’t have enough time or effort to debug xD

What i did as a workaround was create a field in studio under users - a standard text field let’s call it


Upload your signatures to a public URL you can visit and view

i.e. https://yourdomain/uploads/signature1.png

Add these URL’s to your User “Pic_URL_C” Fields


Edit your PDF Template and add in an image field at the bottom.

In the Image URL field put the custom field you just made.


It’s normal for it to be a white box at this stage it’s gravy!

Save this and attempt a printout of the PDF template.

The result should be this…

I know it’s a bit of a faff working around but without digging too deep into the pdf engine creator’s code to fix it and potentially break something else - this should get you by.


hey @dhuntress thank you so much for this and this works well and good.

Do you know how does absolute pathing works and how can i do this would be really helpful.

Take a look at this article written by @pgr :slight_smile:

It explains how photos’ are stored in the back end.

It’s not just contact photo’s this relates to - it’s any photo :slight_smile:

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