I can't install Suit CRM 8 in Wamp/Windows 10

I am new user SuiteCRM and I can’t install Suit CRM 8 in Wamp/Windows 10.

To start, i have download SuiteCRM 8 with link : Download SuiteCRM from SourceForge.net

Then I extracted the files from the zip file to the “SuiteCRM” folder in my htdocs in wamp.

I read the installation documention : Downloading & Installing :: SuiteCRM Documentation

But, i am blocked here :

find . -type d -not -perm 2775 -exec chmod 2775 {} ;

ERROR : FIND : incorrect pameter format

Thanks in advance

a question about your wamp - where/how did you get your wamp?

i’ve been using wampserver from https://www.wampserver.com/ so i’m curious about that pkg

i’ve got another win10 machine i could try installing it on

Hi , Please look at this Installation Guide :-SuiteCRM Installation | Step by Step Guide | Outright Store.
It’s helpful to your SuiteCRM installation and Wamp Server.
Installation Guide :: SuiteCRM Documentation

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