I broke SuiteCRM local instance :(

Hi all,

I’ve working for about 10 months or so with SuiteCRM and I’m pretty happy most of the time even if it’s hard for me sometimes.

Recently I tried to get a copy from PROduction environment to install it on LOCAL environment but it didn’t work. Then, tried to restore LOCAL database backup and can’t do it either.

I get the same result screen when I try to access index.php. It seems something is loading but does not throw any errors.

Any suggestion? Thank you in advance!

Here you go with the screenshot:



what you have copy from production to local ?
wich is your environment ?

What can you do :

From production :
copy all files
make a dump of database

On local
copy all file
run SQL to create database
adapt config.php with local variable (database, url, host, …)


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Sorry for being so short.

I’m running (or trying to) SuiteCRM 7.1.4 over a WAMP environment.

I don’t wanna lose any local changes I’ve made. I asked for a dump of the production environment because I wanted all the data and LOCAL/DEV and PRODUCTION are supposed to be the same.

I just wanted to preserve all changes I’ve made in local code, none affecting DB, but I think I’ll have to make it work and the try to recover the code from my backup local files.

Anyway, any help to avoid this in the future would be very much appreciated.


Start by turning on php error reporting, see where it breaks, it might point you to the file you have altered to make it break.

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Thanks a lot!