I am unable to see dashlets in my dashboard.

please refer the image attached here. i am unable to see anything in my dashboard. how to fix it?

Please help me.

My mail id is sakthitvel@eitworks.com

Tnx in advance.

What errors are you receiving?

The Error message i am receiving is “There was an error processing your request, please try again at a later time.”

It just happened by the time i added "My activity stream in my dashboard.

I did the same in another login too, and i got the same error message.

Please help me to fix it.

ADD tab is also not working…

Already added TAB is also not accessible and cant remove too.

Check if there are any custom files in custom/include/MVC/MySugar/tpls or custom/modules/Home.

These could be overriding the core files and causing issues.

Also ensure you have set the correct permissions in your environment and have run a Quick Repair & Rebuild post install/upgrade.