HTTP 500 if public folder is root, otherwise it works fine

I’m trying to install SuiteCRM 8.0.4 to my web hosting. If I unpack zip and set main folder to root, I can install SuiteCRM with accessing /public/#/install and then access application with /public/#/ - no problem.

However, if I set /public as root then it provides HTTP 500. I have read that it is recommended only exposing the main folder. In apache log I see only generic status code error.

Hi @hfranz,

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Do you have apache rewrite enabled? alongside that could you confirm the docroot you update is pointing to the public folder correctly?

I’m with Mac-Rae here. I’ve seen that behaviour when I was misreading the install docs.

I’ve actually made myself some more detailed docs, with the full apache rewrite and php-fpm instructions that are (to me) a little better. I’ve also confirmed, over multiple installs, that these seem to work every time.

The vhosts file needs to point to /var/www/whatever/suitecrm/public and the permission trio of steps need to have been run, in addition to the php_rewrite stuff, and then the trio re-run after the SuiteCRM install has occurred if you don’t want metadata errors reported with no data being displayed.

docroot is definitely pointing to public. It configured it via Plesk. So no typos in config files - I used GUI. Apache rewrite is activated.

I did following test: I pointed docroot to main folder (containing public) and I could (as I already wrote) start installation without problem. Then I deleted all files and folder in main folder except public. Then I got status code 500. I think if I point docroot to public, then access to …/ (main folder) is blocked. That is the reason why I get 500 pointing to public as docroot.