HTML in Case Description Version - 8.0.3


Whenever a case is getting created from Inbound Emails, the case description is being shown in HTML.

How to get this corrected?

Hi @amitkumar,

Are you wishing to display all emails in plain text? Or just the ones imported into cases?


Is it possible to get the same email with HTML formatted in the case description.

I’ll take a look and get back to you, if its not the current functinality it is the intended so we can take a look at replicating and raising a github issue :+1:

Meanwhile, how can I display the description in plain text.

Hi, same issue here. Cases’ descriptions are in html. How can I fix this? The only way to see the ‘text’ description is when I go to Emails section. Also I don’t see that attachments are added to cases, is this a bug?