html field type can't display input

Hi everybody !

I want to make a range slider fiel type. But it seems to not be present as field type.
I searched to write it in html field type.

This is my code:

<input type="range" id="security" name="security"
min="0" max="100" />

But it doesn’t work. Maybe html field type broke possibility to write input into…
There is a tips for enable html field type to add input type range slider ?


I am not sure you can even use any “input” fields in an HTML field… what are you trying to do with that? Call a HTML POST into an external site? Or do you simply want that data in SuiteCRM?

If it is the second case, you would need to create a new field type, not try to put this into an HTML field type…

Thanks for your answer pgr !
Effectively, creating a new field type was my first idea, but i got no idea how to do this.
That’s why i post this topic.
Can you give me precisions to show how to create new field type ?


Sorry I don’t know much about that…

try searching for “create custom sugarfield”, you will probably find some stuff from SugarCRM that still applies to SuiteCRM…

Good luck and if you make it work, please come back here and share with us how you did it.