How/where to Modify Click to Call URI


I’m trying to activate click to call for SuiteCRM 7.9.5
My Voip setup works with tel:// and callto:// URI and without any firefox plugins.

But it does not work with SuiteCRM.

I’ve switched on Click to Call support in admin page. Now all phone numbers are marked as links (good), but the URI looks like “tel:” not like “tel://”. Take a look on the slashes, they’re missing.

Two questions here:
Where (in which php module) can I change this?
I’m using german translation. Is it possible that this belongs to the translation?

Looking forward for your suggestions!


suiteCRM call the function

smarty_function_sugar_phone($params, &$smarty)

inside the file


if you change directly this file remember that is not upgrade safe.

This was changed recently in

And, at the time, I remember reading the RFC with the official specification:

As you can see, tel:number is the correct format, not tel://number. So maybe your VoiP set up needs to be configured, not SuiteCRM? Or am I wrong? I admit I am not an expert in this.

this is not the only situation where someone ask me how to change the click to call value. Seems that there are some voip app that use different “protocol” to start the call.

We have realized a module to manage this problem. Is in our site, but the site is in italian (module is also in english). With our module you can configure the “protocol” and substitute the standard “tel:” with the value you want.