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Can any one tell me the price of purchasing Suite CRM for one time. n whats the procedure to purchase it ?


SuiteCRM is free to download. Please find more information on this page:

You can get in touch with SalesAgility to order any additional services including: customisations, migrations, integrations, training, support, hosting -

Suite CRM free download is for 10 users per year. what does that mean ? n moreover my company needs CRM for more than 10 Users. how to ask Price for it .?

Please someone reply As soosn as possible


I am using SuiteCRM Version 7.6.4, Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061). I am an end user trying to get tax configured on quotes. When creating/editing a quote at the bottom of the page I see

Shipping Tax:
Tax Rate (I created this drop-down in studio)
Grand Total:

We do not charge tax on shipping but we need to collect tax on the subtotal of the order. How do I accomplish this? I tried to create a drop-down called Tax Rate that uses the same VAT list as the shipping drop down, but I don’t know how to tell SuiteCRM to do the calculation and generate tax. I tried calculating tax myself and entering it in the tax field but it zeros out when I save.

I am probably missing something… Could anyone illuminate me as to where I am going wrong? I was not sure where to post this either and I hope this is an appropriate place.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this issue

Hello alltogether,

this is Felix from Munich working at a small IT- Service Company. We are managing our Marketing Campaings with Suite and therefore i had posted some new topics to this forum. In order to keep it all clear, can someone plz tell me how to delete a topic or mark it as “problem solved”? I cannot find a function in doing that within the view of the topic details etc… If i go to “MY TOPICS” one cna only unsubscribe to it ( witch is not really deleting the topic etc) reply and other nonrelated actions. Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.
Felix R.

Hi i’m Daniels and i work for a contact centre support firm in Africa. i’d like to know if there’s any plugin to integrate suite with watsapp.

integrating watsapp with suite

Upgraded to Version 7.7.4 yesterday - Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)
Used upgrade Wizard.

Issue is… Calendar not working. No grids showing. (see attached)
Researched but no workable solution found.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Chrome Version 51.0.2704.103 m
Current PHP version: 5.5 (Godaddy Host)
Windows 7 Pro


you can use SuiteCRM for as many users as you want free of charge.
You can also use this forum in order to ask your questions related to SuiteCRM.


Hello …
I have created a user and when i try to logi as the user it wont let me it shows me that msg: System is unable to process your request. Please check: -Recipient Email Address -Your server status

may i get some help on it please?

  • SuiteCRM Version 7.7.8
    Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)
  • Cpanel
  • PHP version: 5.5

Thank you

After DB migration, whenever I’m trying to change label name in my custom module, Im getting “null” value in a new window.

Well here goes … My first post, forgive my nubee ignorance

I am looking to migrate away from Zoho and all their addons.

I just installed SuilteCRM from Softaculous on our web hosting account. They have cpanel and apache web server My problem is I never got a final setup email from my installation. My administration area is complete blank. I have no way to install modules or customize my installations. Has this happened to anyone else?



i am sean , i am a newbie to suitcrm . i am unable to save invoice . after click save it go to forbidden page

  • Your version of SuiteCRM–Version 7.2.2
  • Your version of OS—windows 10

Thank you for your help

Hello Is anyone going to help me in this popular forum? :unsure: :unsure:

I had the same problem. I don’t know if it was the solution but I bought a Softaculous licence, updated the licence code in WHM(Cpanel) and after that it worked and the admin page was visible.

How can i add $current_user (the user that is currently logged in and generated the templated) to a PDF Template builded on a custom module?

We are using suiteondemand. So those questions do not apply.

I recently installed suiteCRM latest version on my php 5.6, for my small company, is there any free official guide containing all the information from basic to the very end of how can i operate features, setup different functionalities, where i can look up to?

I have seen suiteCRM wiki but it doesn’t contain everything in it’s user guide.

Hey everyone. (I made a separate topic but I Don’t see it so I am writing here, sorry if I spammed)

I am almost done with my diploma work, but what is left is to show 2-3 different examples of a Suite CRM campaign.

I have been searching for some time now, and the best I found are some videos in foreign languages with bad quality.

Can someone please run 1 or more simple Campaigns with a few custom (more interesting things) and take Screenshots of each screen?

What I Need to show in my diploma work is What Suite CRM campaigns can do and give 2-3 examples for a CRM campaign.

The campaigns just need to include a few different things that actually show basically how cool Suite CRM is and what kind of campaigns can be ran on it.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking your time to read this and I hope someone helps me.

Please upload the images to some website like and send the links or send the images on my e-mail,