How to use with multiple "non-sales" employees

Hello, I am new to SuiteCRM.

We are a retail Feed store selling to retail customers as well as farms and stables.

We do not have “sales” employees, but would like to use SuiteCRM for our farm and stable clients so that all of our employees have access to retrieve and update client information, and track which employees have updated clients information.

I wanted to know the best way to set up users/employees so that everybody has access to all clients and each employees activity is tracked.

And, if possible, not give them complete administrative access to SuiteCRM settings.

Thank you.


Out of the box, You can’t track in-depth what a user does, this would require custom work. However, the CRM keeps track of things like Failed Login Attempts and When a record was Last Modified / The User that made the modification.

If you want certain users to have access to specific modules, then you can set up Roles using the Role Management option in the Admin Menu.

Unless given permissions in a user’s account settings, the only User Account with administrative access is the Admin Account.