How to use the Resource Chart Functionality

Just an FYI on this:

The resource chart functionality has been in SuiteCRM for quite some time.

It is part of the Projects module and you use it as follows:

  1. Create a new Project and assign Users or Contacts as resources

  1. Open the Gantt Chart and create a Task. The users you assigned as resources to this project will now show up under the Resource select box in the create task panel.

  1. The task for the selected resource will now show up in the Gantt chart.

  1. Now open the Resource chart from the Projects module menu and browse to the date that you assigned the User to in the Project Task. You will see the days blocked out for the span of that task and if you click on the Task a pop-up will appear with further information and a link back to the Task. Users can be assigned to more than one task at a time.


This is great. The question is how to print the entire width of the chart.

I like to print the Gant Chart and show the client.

Thanks for your etime and effort,

Ed Valentine

I’m actually not sure if you can apart from maybe taking a screen grab of the chart then then crop off what you dont need and print it as image. I never had printing in mind when i developed it.

This is all interesting… as of (some newer version) the resources are pretty much required for it to work right, and the creator is auto-added as a resource. My upgraded version doesn’t auto-add the creator, and it doesn’t show the resources list in edit view. If upgrading failed to add this functionality, how do we get it added?


Got it… had to add it manually to my custom/view.edit.php from the non-custom.


If i print gant chart - printing only what is seen on the screen

How i can printing all gant charts?

Hi - thanks for your work on Projects -
I am trying to find any user support on
Project Templates - example of use where it saves time? Is it simply allowing you to repeat a project - duplicate the main settings and then you can begin using it without having to re-start from scratch?

“Consider working days” - definition of this? Is it set a working day in terms of hours or to include weekends or something else entirely?

Hello team

Do you have any post or reference to use Project Templates? I created a template but to apply to a new project this not create the tasks template.

Thanks in advance

Really thanks for your sharing. It s really which I need

Hi, further to the post re printing the project and Gantt chart, is this now possible?