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How to use SuiteCRM developer guide? How to identify folder structure?

How to use SuiteCRM developer guide? Need a brief explaination

Hi and welcome!
the dev guide is a good start - but you will need additional resources like this community board, stackoverflow and such.
If you have any specific questions, try to find older threads or ask yourself :slight_smile:

I am new to SuiteCRM. I want to use SuiteCRM API for getting data entered by user into my custom module. Developer guide does not mention file names for making modifications. Only a piece of code is shown. But in which file I should enter that code and make the modifications ? How this can be identified?

if you really want to add your own, custom api-method, the rest4-tutorial can be found here at the bottom:

But: if you just want to do crud-operations (create/update/delete) for (custom) modules/fields: that is already possible without any modifications, the API can handle them directly.