How to use notifications

Hello Experts

I want to use notifications module.
Let say a lead is assign to any user then users should receive notifications for that is this possible ?

Thoughts please

Hello Namit,
If you have enable the assignment notification on from email settings, It will send an email to the user when you assign any record.
Here is the documentation link

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Team Urdhva Tech

Ok i will test and let you know. can you please elaborate more for notifications icons which is given in menu. How can we use that option ?

This documentation may help you.

Yes i already have gone through it but its not working.

First do find it over the forum, and if you found that this issue is the product bug or not as per the documentation. You can submit the issue at SuiteCRM Github with an explanation of what you have tried and steps to generate with all other information like, OS, Browser, etc… But before that make sure you checked the existing issue too. to avoid duplicate entry.

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Team Urdhva Tech

Just because we did some testing regarding this: it is possible to create those notifications by using workflows too. We still have 1-2 issues regarding that, but in case we get it done completely we can provide a tutorial.

Sir i want to use this notifications functionality can you please guide me how can i do that using workflow ? Please guide

As I said, we’re still experimenting with it. Currently, notifications are triggered but they are not clickable, that’s why our approach isn’t fully usable right now.

Ok ok no problem Thank you

Hello sir as i showed you my permissions for all modules. what i want when i convert lead i want only one module to be open i.e “Accounts” not Tasks , Opportunities n all how can i customize it?

@namitkakusuitecrm please try to keep the thread on topic to its title. Can you confirm your issues with the notifications have been resolved? If so please open a new thread with the above question, please also provided more detail as i have no clue as to what you mean.

Ok sir. No Sir notifications part is not done yet. But i want to use notifications part also .

Ok to confirm there are 3 types of notification (Someone let me know if I have missed any);

SuiteCRM Notifications
Displayed via the Bell Icon at the top right corner of the suite interface

Email Notifications
Sent via the suite instance to the user’s email

Desktop Notifications
Enabled once global and shows on all users desktops (I believe this functionality is currently broken)

Which are you attempting to get working and what kind of debugging have you done so far?

Yes i want to use bell icon notifications ans email also .For email notifications we have to enable it from settings and please guide me for bell icon notifications.

what i want when lead is assigning to any user then it should show in bell icon notifications of that user or is there any other approach to do ? Please share i only want that user get notified when lead is assigning to them.
Thank you

Hi @namitkakusuitecrm,

I have just confirmed with a college that the bell icon only displays alerts like meetings and does not show assignment reminders. They are always sent via email unless you make custom changes.

Oh ok thanks for the confirmation. My next question will be that only. Thank you

Hello sir ]

I think logic hook will be better option but one question please i want only that user should receive notification to whom lead is assign will this work also for this scenario ?

the examples already use the assigned user as “target user”.