How to use Connector In SuiteCRM


Please guide through the process of configuring social connectors that are already available in suitecrm
I also tried from my end was not successful

While Mapping Connector Fields in connector Settings
After Saving getting following error
There is no action by that name. and the URL was http://localhost/Suite/index.php?module=Connectors&action=ModifyMapping

Madhusudan Singh

Please search the forums where you will find relevant topics with instructions on how to set up the connectors.

Thanks Will for your reply, but I still did not found any link with clearly explains me How to Configure and use Connectors in CRM

Madhusudan Singh

Hi madhusudan
I can sympathise that documentation for most of suite/sugar can be sporadic at the best of times.
That being said, I have found the following link for connectors