How to transfer SuiteCRM to another Server or Database in different PC


Anyone can help me to solve this problem??Pleaseā€¦
Now i have build SuiteCRM in my PC, and by using apache server and MySQL database and i want to transfer server and database into another PC?

Version 7.3.1
Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001)

Thatā€™s fairly straight forward, just get apache server and MySQL or whatever Wamp stack your using up and running on the second PC then copy all the files from the root of your current Suite installation to a folder in the www root of the second pc. Then export your SuiteCRM database from the first pc and import it into a new database in mysql on the second pc. Then edit the config.php in your new copy and update the database credentials to match what is needed on the second pc. Login to suite and do a quick repair and rebuild. Job done.