how to take project approval from admin


I’m new to suitecrm, i found project module in suitecrm, created a new project assigned project manager to myself.
i got the project link in my email id. when i looking into project as project manager i did not find approval or reject button here.
and i want to do workflow like when project is created then project status should be “pending” after project approval the status should automatically changed to “in progress”. is it possible do workflow like this in suitecrm…? and how can i do approve project and reject project in project module…?

You may need to make a custom field for “Approved/Rejected” or just add them as dropdown options in the project status dropdown.

You can automatically set statuses with workflow. Decide how you’re going to track "Approved/Rejected’, then workflow would say “If status = pending and approved=true then set status = in progress”.

You can set this to run on “all records” because the “requirement” will no longer be met after the status is updated, so it would try and execute multiple times.

thanks for your replay.
if authorized person changed the status to approve, how can i alert resources to the perticular project.

Something like this screenshot should get you there. I didn’t fully create the workflow, just started the conditions and actions.

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