How to take fields from one module to another (synchronization)


How to take fields from one module to another. For example, in the accounts module I want to take certain fields from the contacts module.

thank you!

you could copy fields either by using logic hooks (after save/after relationship add) or by using workflows (depending on the relationship-type).

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Do you want to do it in frontend or backend?
If you choose backend then comment of @crmspace for you.

@crmspace thank you for your advice. I want the fields to appear when creating a new record. That is, at the time of registration.

@p.konetskiy I want to do it in frontend. Without code editing.


the only option that works without any custom code are workflows (or maybe a store addon?), but they usually work on-save (so the edit view won’t show anything different, the action is invoked after saving the specific record).

okay, thank you for your answer :star_struck: