how to sync custom field in 2 modules


Can anyone please guide me on how to achieve this?

I have added a custom field within Meeting and Contacts.

If the changes has been done in Meeting, it should reflect in Contact.and vice versa.

I thought that if the field have the same name and do a quick repair and rebuild, it it will all be fine but this is not the case :slight_smile:

Please give me any idea please.


I imagine that you will be able to do this,or something similar, via Workflow.
If you select “Contacts” as the Workflow Module, you should be able to manipulate the related Meetings in Conditions/Actions.

You simply can select “Meetings:Meetings” as the Module used in the condition, and build the Workflow from there.

Hi John,

Updating the meeting works fine but I have issue when creating the meeting.

How shall it trigger this when I create a new meeting? :slight_smile: