How to speed up SuiterCRM 8?

I have SuiteCRM 7 and 8 installed on the same server. Version 7 is quite snappy. In version 8 I have to wait about a second between each click.

How to speed up the v8?

I’m interested too. Just +1 on this thread.

If anyone is interested I did a SuiteCRM 8 first impression review and walkthrough. I show open times SuiteCRM 7 vs SuiteCRM 8 on listview and also in detailview etc. in a side by side comparison.


Hi @Cadej @pstevens,

Thanks for the feedback.

@pstevens quite liked the video, thanks for the feedback.

Regarding performance. We already know some improvements we want to make.

Meanwhile, there are some php/server configurations that may help.

For a deeper understanding of what I’m going to say next, you can have a read on the following:

From the above there a few things you could try, maybe the one with most impact is:

Enabling opcache

Setup and configure opcache on php.ini

The following example is based on the above Symfony documentation:

; Determines if Zend OPCache is enabled

; The OPcache shared memory storage size.

; The maximum number of keys (scripts) in the OPcache hash table.
; Only numbers between 200 and 100000 are allowed.

; When disabled, you must reset the OPcache manually or restart the
; webserver for changes to the filesystem to take effect.


Thanks pstevens! Great Review :slight_smile: