Fresh SuiteCRM 8 feels slow

We have fresh installation and testing SuiteCRM v8. It feels very slow. We run this on same server like v7 and visually it’s just keeps loading all the time. It takes about 3-4 seconds to display any page with an animation in the middle. Our current installation of v7 is about 1-2 sec max. I think this is not UX/UI we’d expect and it should be visually quicker Especially with Angular it should be flying.

  1. I’d remove this logo animation with overlay
  2. Display view faster
  3. Checking for session-status takes extra 500ms which I think should be avoided. Extra server call and delay before app fetches other data

Loading Accounts is super slow see:

Hi @vladaman welcome to the Community! :tada:

I remember a post here advising to turn on opcache for SuiteCRM 8, maybe you can search for that here in the forums and try it.

Hi @vladaman,

Thanks for trying out SuiteCRM 8 and for the feedback.

There are some optimizations we want do do, some match what you’ve described. Among them are:

  • Batching several metadata requests into just one.
  • Changing the splash screen which increases the feeling on having to wait.
  • For the session-status, I’m afraid that will have to stay, though we can try to make the call in the backend faster.

As mentioned before, setting up opcache and using prod mode will help. This is the thread that @pgr mentioned:

There is also some info on the setup guide: