How to snapshot a live suiteCRM install for testing

We run Joomla and Magento sites and are new to suiteCRM (so far we love it).
Part of our dev process is to be able to snapshot these so we can work offline on real data, and I’m looking to figure this out for suiteCRM. I know it will involve an SQL dump of the data plus a clone of the file tree, but that’s not usually enough. For example, a live Joomla site can be cloned by dumping its db then just editing the local configuration.php to point to it. Magento is a bit harder but not by much - you need to do that (env.php) and also update a couple of values in the copy of the db to point to the site location.

I’ve seen that in suiteCRM the file config.php holds the refs to the db, but I’m looking for the full way to do this in case I miss something. The live install is Ubuntu, the local snapshot will be XAMPP under Win 7, as are the Joomla and Magento sites. Thanks.

Hello bdam,

It is quite simple. when you have cloned file structure and database in your local, you just need to change config.php file to point correct database and site url in your config.php and correct path of the application in .htaccess.

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Have you considered using Virtual Machines?

Once you get into that, there’s no going back, it’s just TOO convenient and simple and great.

You can clone your VM’s, snapshot them (several times), go back, etc. They make for the best backups (immediately actionable). They let you save resources and run several VM’s on one physical PC. And you can get excellent virtualization for free.

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The .htaccess entry was the one I was missing, this all works great now, thanks.

Actually I need to revisit this. I’ve seen config_override.php - is this exactly for the purpose I described, i.e. it’s better to leave config.php as it was when installed and just put local values in the override file?