How to show the grouping Address values in detailView, detailView.tpl

HI All,

Based on the below example i converted the country textfield to dropdown.

# Convert the country text field in SuiteCRM to a drop-down list

Now i want to show the values of dropdown country in detailview, hence its showing the key value not showing the actual value.

And also i have added new field in the same group that also need to display in detailView.

Can anyone help to fix this. Thanks in Advance.


You can check array “countries_dom” in app label list. It should has format:



In below code how to apply the option values
can any one suggestion please.


The form editview use the array:


from file ‘include/language/en_us.lang.php’ for drop down list. I checked the array. There are pair key and value in array which equal countries name. When you saved data the key wrote to DB. If you didn’t redefine the array you should see the countries name in the form detailview.

If I don’t understand you correctly, please show screenshots of forms editview and detailview.

HI p.konetskiy,

Thanks for your update.
I have done the same and it has been working.

My issue, i want to show the key value store in DB which is store in DB as 1 and 2.
array(“1”=>“A value”, “2” => “B value”) what need to show is Option label as A value for option value 1 and B value for Option Value 2.

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